Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast

Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast

The Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots podcast is a weekly technical podcast discussing development, design, and the business of software development. Hosted by Ben Orenstein, who is joined each week by developers and designers from thoughtbot and beyond.

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    128: To Attract and Retain (Dan Croak)

    Chad talks with thoughtbot CMO Dan Croak about our content marketing strategy, managing the flow of new media, and the origin of our growth team.

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    127: Merging Worlds (Meng To)

    Jeff Smith talks to Meng To, author of Design + Code about the blurring line between developers and designers, learning tools to better communicate, and the difficulties of planing a world-wide workshop tour.

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    126: Log In to Your Space (Zach Dunn)

    Chad talks to Zach Dunn, CPO of Robin, about the future of smart spaces, working with family, and when to shift your company's scope.

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    125: Rebooting (Adarsh Pandit)

    Chad talks to Adarsh Pandit, thoughtbot SF Managing Director & host of the Reboot podcast, about his personal journey which inspired our newest show.

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    124: Maintaining Your Legacy (Scott Ford)

    Chad talks to Scott Ford, founder & COO of Corgibytes, about the business of software remodeling/retrofitting, and finding value and beauty in old code.

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    121: Prolificness (Allison House)

    Guest-Ben Chad Pytel talks with Allison House about maintaining personal growth while freelancing, and her approach to harnessing your capacity to learn.

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