Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast

Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast

The Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots podcast is a weekly technical podcast discussing development, design, and the business of software development. Hosted by Ben Orenstein, who is joined each week by developers and designers from thoughtbot and beyond.

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    119: Create Value or Create Technology? (Pete Hunt)

    Ben talks with Pete Hunt, formerly of Facebook & Instagram, on React and what makes this unique JavaScript library tick, as well as shifting from a technical to a business focused mindset.

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    118: Scare Yourself (Dan Martell)

    Ben talks with Dan Martell, CEO and founder of Clarity, about self-actualization in business, how life is affected by those around which one surrounds themselves and the value of staying outside one's comfort zone.

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    117: Designing Quality (Will Sulinski)

    Ben talks with Will Sulinski, founder of Pistol Lake, on translating lessons learned from the tech sector into success in the fashion industry.

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    116: A Model Jellyfish (Carl Smith)

    Ben talks with nGen Works founder Carl Smith about alternatives to a "flat" structure, remote management & community building.

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    115: There's a Spectrum Involved Here (Brandon Bloom)

    Ben talks with Brandon Bloom about finding the right tool for the job, there being too many objects in OO Programing and the importance for a full spectrum of options, regardless of the choice.

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    114: Offer Value First (Ryan Delk)

    Ben talks with Gumroad grower Ryan Delk about standing out from your peers by adding value before you ask for value.

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    112: Data By Design (Joanne Cheng)

    Ben talks to developer Joanne Cheng about lessons learned from the conference circuit, as well as the subject of her latest conf talk, Data-Driven-Documents within JavaScript, and trends in dashboard design.

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    111: Thinking Outside the Loop (Chris Granger)

    Ben talks with Chris Granger, creator of Light Table, about building a better IDE and envisioning a world where all programming happens inside a database and anyone can do it.

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    110: Protecting Invisible Things (Eric Mill)

    This week Ben talks with former thoughtbotter, and creator of Is It Christmas, Eric Mill about the power of blogging, the personal empowerment offered by the internet and the role of government in the digital age.

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