Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast

Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast

The Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots podcast is a weekly technical podcast discussing development, design, and the business of great products. Hosted by Ben Orenstein, who is joined each week by developers and designers from thoughtbot and beyond.

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    139: Learning Oriented Culture (Mike Brittain)

    Ben talks to Mike Brittain, VP of Engineering at Etsy, on interacting with the development community, strides in diversity practices, the pros/cons of an open office, and the difficulties in transitioning from engineering to management.

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    136: I Think it Was the Altitude (Ben Orenstein)

    Chad officially welcomes Ben back to the podcast, discuses the employer/employee ideology that can facilitate a successful sabbatical, and reveals some exclusives on the future of thoughtbot.

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    135: Planning For Change (Ben Arent)

    Chad talks with Ben Arent, product manager at Rackspace, on the trials of app acquisition, as well as their favorite Sass tools.

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    134: Growing to Meteor (Paul Dowman)

    Chad talks with Paul Dowman, founder of OK GROW!, on replacing Rails with Meteor, and how martial arts has made him a better developer.

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    133: The DNA of Music (Matt Aimonetti)

    Chad talks with Matt Aimonetti, co-founder of Splice, on remote worker strategies, fundraising, and his vision for the future of digital musical collaboration.

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