Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

A weekly podcast discussing the design, development, and business of great software. Hosted by thoughtbot CEO, Chad Pytel, and rotating cast of fellow developers, designers, and entrepreneurs, we delve deep behind the scenes of the products and technologies we love.

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    249: The Business of Buying (Thomas Smale)

    Chad is joined by Thomas Smale, founder of FE International to discuss valuations, selling SaaS businesses, and tips to make your product more attractive to potential buyers.

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    247: The Developer’s Path (Laurie Young)

    Chad is joined by Laurie Young to discuss The Developer's Path, a panel discussion hosted at thoughtbot London on how companies and developers can work together to achieve reciprocal growth.

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    246: Becoming the 'Yes' Person (Sara Chipps)

    Chad is joined by Sara Chipps, cofounder of Girl Develop It & CEO of Jewelbots, to discuss integrating with custom hardware, building a community of young coders, working with retailers, and branding.

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    245: F is for Feelings (Gregg Pollack)

    Chad is joined by Code School & Envy Labs founder Gregg Pollack to discuss optimal work environments and building a company to support Open Source Projects.

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    244: A Fork in the Road (Seth Godin)

    Chad is joined by author, blogger, entrepreneur, and marketer Seth Godin to discuss the organizational introspection required to move from the cutting edge to the mainstream.

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    243: Mostly Local (Mike McKenna)

    Chad is joined by Mike McKenna, CEO of Shotgunflat, to discuss cultivating a business in the town in which one grew up, working with family, the effect of adding a sales team to a consultancy, and the legislation of craft-brewing.

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